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City Trip Objective: Another side of Paris


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Oh Hey! Long time no see! I am very happy to write this article on Christmas Eve! Last month, I spent a weekend in Paris to see a friend of mine. You know I don’t like to do common things, so I am going to present you the three non-touristic addresses that really stole my heart during this trip, hope you enjoy! You will see that 2 of these places are art related, this is something you might not know about me, but I really like art and especially contemporary art. Still, I am by no mean a professional and I am showing you what I like with an amateur eye. I really hope you’ll enjoy this article, thank you so much for reading. I wish you a wonderful Christmas full of love (and food obvi haha). I’ll get back to you guys soon, bye !

XOXO Luana


MONTHAI is a restaurant specialized in thaï street food. Located rue Montorgueil, two steps away from the famous rue Rivoli. The facade is maybe not much to look at compared to the enormous neighbours cafés but trust my stomach, the food is divine! the portions are very generous with a very reasonable price tag. In one word: go for it!



The 59Rivoli’s aftersquat is a very peculiar place, halfway between an art gallery and a creative workshop. The concept of this spot is really hard to describe, I send you to their website cause they will introduce themselves a lot better than I can! I loved this place! there is such a nice bond between life and art, the multiple artists and their creations are in perpetual motion, which gives it a very unique atmosphere. It’s a real pleasure to walk into this temple of nonconformism in the heart of the city of light where each room makes you travel to unknown dimensions. Attention, imminent departure! The little extra? the artists are working in situ and will be there to answer your questions.



L’Aérosol is another atypical place at a crossroads between museum, graffiti walls, street art, roller park, food trucks and DJ sets. Based on an ancient industrial site, this ephemeral area breathe the street culture in a casual and festive atmosphere! I suggest you to go there in the late afternoon to discover the museum and the facilities, enjoy then the meals from the food trucks and finally, dancing till the sunrise to the sounds of the DJ sets. Careful though, l’Aérosol will close on January first for the winter season, but the museum will still be available.

1* © Benh LIEU SONG, Wikimedia Commons, CC by-sa 3.0

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