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Denim Overall and #bodypositive

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I still remember the first time where I felt self-conscious about my arms, It was a few years ago, I was celebrating a friend’s birthday when came naturally the idea of taking a group picture. I still remember what I wore, a pair of grey jeans with a black sleeveless peplum top. I have good memories of that party, a nice little girl’s night. The next day, I received said picture and I thought “Does my arms really look that big?” I even cried about it. I was already self-conscious about my tights, but I never had any troubles with my arms. It was four years ago and when I see that photo today, I almost laugh at it, cause my arms have probably doubled since.

I wanted to share that story cause it is important to talk about body positive and self esteem in this area of Instagram and magazines promoting a certain type of perfect body, that many of us don’t have. This look today represent a lot of things I hadn’t wear in a long time, my bare arms AND a low waisted pants with a crop top. You can see my love handles on theses pictures, and yet, I felt great in that outfit, as soon as I put it on! It can seem as a natural feeling, but when you are used to compare yourself to society’s beauty norms, it really isn’t. we are (way) too many to fight everyday to accept our body. While in the end, we should simply be happy to have a body that allows us to live and realise our dreams.

I thus present you this look who will enhance every body types. Dungarees (or overalls) were a staple in the nineties and they came back in style after two decades hiding in the shadows. We saw a denim version on John Galliano, a leather one on Redemption and a snake print one at Ashley Williams. The one I am wearing is white denim (my own protest against summer’s end) and underneath, a striped ribbed crop top. Finally, a pair of flatforms sandals, a bucket bag and my mirrored sunglasses to give a little personality to this light but original ensemble.

This month, I will be celebrating my 23rd birthday, and I really don’t want to let my self-consciousness destroy my confidence for another year. What about you?  I really hope you enjoy this look as much as I do, thank you so much for reading, don’t forget to react in the comment section. I’ll get back to you guys soon, bye !

PS: These pictures were taken in front of the two new murals Place de l’Yser in Liège. Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther king are represented in honor of the 100’s birthday of the anti-apartheid revolutionary. Paintings realised by Novadead, artist member of the collective Spray Can arts.

XOXO Luana

Details: Overall: Garcia Jean – Top: New Look (similar here) – Bucket bag: asos – Sandals: similar here

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