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Faux Fur: the fight is progressing

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Even if the fight against real fur seems to be won in our high street stores, it still rages among luxury brands. the demonstrations from the public opinion and the NGO never cease to question designers and influence fur product sales. but the victory of faux fur seems to figure on the horizon. Indeed, every year, increasingly designers rally to the animal cause such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Thommy Hilfiger, Armani or even Stella McCartney and her brand entirely vegan.

Recently, three major brands decided to quit the dark side of the force. First is Tom Ford, who recently spoke about the subject. after adopting a vegan lifestyle, he decides to use more and more faux fur in his collections. However, he regrets the environment impact of the synthetic material. For now, he limits his use of fur to the skin from farm animals intended for meat consumption. Down with the extremely painful skinning of animals. More info here.

Alessandro Michele, artistic director of the Italian brand Gucci, also announced that the brand will become completely fur free by the spring summer 2018 collection. The use of real fur is considered out-dated by the brand’s leader. Gucci had already make other political choices in the past, such as female empowerment (with more than half of their leading managerial position held by women) and their involvement in the fight for gun control in the USA, due to the death of one employee in the Orlando shooting in June 2016. I was already a big fan of the brand’s designs and if you add ethic to it, I applause! More informations here and here.

A few months after Gucci’s announcement, it’s Michael Kors who decided to ban real fur from the collections of his eponymous brand, but also his last acquisition: the shoe giant Jimmy Choo! According to the designer, it’s totally possible to create luxury pieces without using animal fur. Cheers to that! Learn more here.

For today’s look, I wear a faux fur coat (obviously) DIY by my beloved mum. Underneath, I am wearing a satin shirt (looove this trend) and a thermolactyl lacy top to survive belgian’s polar cold, a black frayed edges straight leg jeans and a pair of black sock boots. I love this coat because it’s very warm, super stylish and a little extravagant!

I really hope you enjoy this look as much as I do, thank you so much for reading, don’t forget to react in the comment section. I’ll get back to you guys soon, bye !

XOXO Luana

Outfit’s details – Coat: DIY (similar here and here) – Shirt: Zara – Boots: EGO Shoes – Jeans: ASOS

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