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Patched leather jacket

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Since I saw this jacket on the Gucci spring, summer 2016 runway, I have wanted one for myself! But obviously, the price point was way over my budget. So I kind of forgot the idea till I saw these versions on Elie Saab and Alexander McQueen fall winter 2016 2017 runway. So I decided to DIY an old leather jacket of mine. To make it easier, I’ve decided to use patches.  I’ve decided to wear my jacket with a pair of cropped flares, a white turtleneck, a pair of glitter booties and a gold handle bag. I chose to glue the patches on but to be honest, I would totally recommend to sew at least two points. I hope you enjoy this look, thank you so much for reading, don’t forget to tell me what you think. I’ll get back to you guys soon, bye!

XOXO Luana

08441020-photo-logo-instagram-depuis-mai-2016 bloglovin Icone-facebook pinterest twitter 

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